Art For A Cause

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Painting on canvas by Dee Abell. Bids start at $150. All proceeds benefit The Seraphim Project. To place a bid please email Auction closes June 20th, 2017. 


Johanna Vogelsang: Her Life and Work

Her spirit lives on in The Freeways Art Exhibition and Benefit.

I wish I had known her on a real level when she was alive. It took her passing for me to take notice of her life’s purpose. It wasn’t necessarily one piece that inspired me to develop a connection between Art and A Cause, it was the way in which she chose to live that inspires me to fight and to press on even when I feel like it’s just me. Every piece of art from a sketch to a painting was created with intention and meaning, every stroke was purposeful in her heart and mind.

I may not have known her personally but I am awe of the causes she chose to support, to raise awareness of. She tackles really hard, edgy, politically charged and morally questionable time periods and events in human history.

To find out more about her life please click on the link below. It will direct you to her Biography and her artist webpage where you can view more of her art.

Biography & Artwork


This is Art for A Cause: Paintings and Prints that evoke change. Whether it’s to support the Journey from Grief to Grace, raising awareness of social injustice, protecting the lives of the pre-born or inspiring minority women to look to role models or be role models.

I am very blessed that her daughter, composer and musician Kirsten Vogelsang Eyerman of Windwild Music Studio has continued to loan her mother’s work to me. It is her wish that her Mother’s legacy lives by supporting worthy causes.  She hopes to find homes for each piece of work in the collection. A place where her Mother’s work will inspire hope and create positive change. Most importantly, that her Mother’s work be treated with the kind of dignity and respect that she fought so hard to give others in her life and that every cause that her art supports is a cause that would be dear to her as mother’s work. Johanna Vogelsang’s life was not a light that was extinguished when she passed away in 2011, her spirit just ascended to take it’s rightful place in the Heavens.

Posters created by Johanna Vogelsang are available for $60. Half of the proceeds will go to the Seraphim Project, in support of survivors of sexual abuse. The other half will go to the Vogelsang family. If you are interested in purchasing a poster by Johanna Vogelsang, please email

-Carmen Hall

Founder of The Seraphim Project

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