Support the Journey from Grief to Grace

Funds raising efforts will be primarily dedicated to the growth and development of Grief to Grace and sending survivors of rape, incest and sexual abuse to retreat. It will be up to the individual person, business or other entity to determine the amount of support they would like to offer.

All artist donations must have a minimum of 50% of the proceeds going towards the charity that The Seraphim Project is raising funds for.

Sustaining Donation Online

Your online recurring donation will be securely processed through PayPal. You will need a PayPal Account to make a recurring donation online. You can make a one-time donation without a PayPal Account.

Click Here: To Learn About Grief to Grace



  • Prayer Partners
  • Retreat Supplies: Workbooks, activity supplies, food and travel expenses
  • Office Supplies: Desk, updated programs for computer, printer/copy machine, printer supplies
  • Event Sponsors and In-kind donations
  • Ministry Volunteers
  • Artist partnerships and artwork
  • Subscription Fees Sponsor
  • Retreatant Sponsors

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