Anonymous Poems

The following poems have been submitted anonymously by survivors of sexual abuse. To have your poem or story published, please email

the lie

You said you loved me

You lied.

I lied with you…

lying on the bed

Lying on the floor






For fear of being known

This one secret I kept

For fear of losing your love

I lied

I loved you

You loved me

How did this happen?

How can it be?

I still love you

I still want you

But I won’t lie for you…


You lied

You said it would last forever

That’s all I wanted to know

Could it last forever?

You said it could be so

Could I lay with you forever?


You lied.


I lie on the ground

You and your friends all over me

I know this feeling… I know you

Why are they here?

You lied


I lie on the ground, wet, dirty, used

Stripped of any sense of pride

When you were done you pushed me aside

I screamed: you lied!!!


Calling out to someone to hear a wee cry

And this I know that Jesus,He did die
All the little scrapes, the gaping wounds as well
He’s right there with you through a living hell
He calmed the oceans and healed the blind
So many things He did in love even to the unkind
He is always with you each step of the way
Every waking moment in your sleep throughout the day
He will never leave you He is by your side
Sometimes in busyness brain wise you choose to hide
He is your shelter, His ways are true
He will hold you together,He’s ultimate glue
No matter what happens sorrows joys as well
His ears are forever opened whispers as well
When you are weak ever strong is He
Everything ever His love holds the key
Willingly He holds it out for all to partake
He longs for you now, and forever to bring peace to every ache
Just say yes at all times to His will
Open yourself for the Holy Spirit to fill
Not about feelings, it never will be
And yes if you were the only one ,He’d still die to set you free
He is The way The Truth and the Light
He will and has been there in every dark night
For He Is and always will be
And my darling dearest He has set you free


Shelter for a little one
Rather small to out run
Evil forces all to grown
Some of these within a home
Christ silently held a hand
Helping it to take a stand
Surviving all the time so lost
He laid His life completely at no cost
The blind might see the dumb might speak
Still to scared to take a peak
A wrong is never a right
So much there out of sight
Let the past take care of itself
Today is now off the shelf
Moments of time pass every day
He is listening to all you say
Trust my child here I Am
My Ear to you will forever bend
Look to Me and know my peace
In the end all pain will cease
Never leaving you little side
In My Heart your welcome to hide
Seek My words and live
My Heart to you I give


Silence unbroken for many a year
Now the memories a cloud of fear
Crippled days and restless night
Looking to Christ eternal light
Many lies so long believed
Pain so great a time to grieve
Detachment comes a wanting embrace
So important Jesus face
Keep on track trying not to hide
Speak the Truth to end the ride
Little one curled in a ball
Christ is here you will not fall
Called to trust beyond what you know
It’s ok just let it go
Heart of Jesus holding you tight
He will make everything alright
Tears He catches as you whimper still
Jesus carries you through climbing the hill
Feeling isolated as in a trap
Just sit tight upon His lap
Rock away rock away stars so bright
A mothers lullaby should shelter the night
The Son breaks through the morning sky
And with the lion the lamb does lye


My heart and soul
Christ paid the toll
To set me free
As He does see
Within His will
Life’s not a chill
Peace will reign
Getting rid of pain
Abandoned love
Heaven above
Silent no more
Jesus we adore
Eternal bliss
Angels kiss
Forever bright
Loves true light


Where is tomorrow from the gift of today
I’ve a bucket load of failures from things that I’d say
Words that have meaning from what I might hear
Struck my heart deeply bringing untold reality to fear
I took people as truthful from the words they spoke
Now I realize these are coded and better if I’d choke
Another part of another maze
Many games that people play
To me this is another lie
Part of me just wants to die
How will I ever know truth from lies
This is not good a part of lives I despise
I don’t get how many live this way
Help me Jesus, show me the way
Can I function with meaningless words
I thank You Jesus in the morning for song birds
Trying hard to hold onto hope
Just so floored it’s hard to cope
I’m the one that’s so at fault with all
Wondering why continue to call
A group of words are they hope
Are they dreams to help you cope
Skills at bay oh what are they
Shed Your truth banish lies every day
I’m so confused in what I’ve been told
Rather young yet so old
Kiss of peace Your Mercy be
Come and set Your children free
Come and set your children free


Many wounds and many scars
Folks come as they are
Light of Christ shining bright
So many walk from their dark night
Some still festering beyond what they know
Still a group like this will show
Tools needed to become free
As some leave it’s hard to see
Through the group a trust comes out
Everyone to Christ we shout
Many prayers upheld for all
May even the unseen not fall
Daily life peace hard to know
For each of us commitments grow
Spiders webs catch us in our tracks
Who at days end can truly relax
The world beyond is not about me
Yet each of us wants to be free
Still the others we hold near
At times cause so much fear
We turn to You our God and King
In Your mercy true freedom does ring
Holding on grabbing at will
In Your Glory our empty ness fill
Past is what it is at best
We are tired and need some rest
Your kingdom on this path we desire
Set the world alight with Your fire
Come my Jesus to all who seek
Help their mourning not to be bleak
You Are the Truth the Way the Light
And You are here every night
You are here through every fight
You are here through each mans plight
You, yes You are HERE!


Little passages, little streams
Little girls who lost their dreams
Tailor from heaven so close to His Heart
Try to rest, please don’t part
What is the world, here and now
Mary, our Mother showed us how
The fuzzy fog will be dispelled
In the future no living hell
Keep calling and turning a blinded faith and trust
For the Savior His Love will remove the rust
A life of solitude invisibly here
Jesus He said To have no fear
Imprint of life will turn to good
Continue to feast on the heavenly food
What are feelings, why are they here
Stick close to The Truth, hold It near
The next moment just might be
The one that sets your soul so free

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